In The Beginning...

In 2009, Good Times Software was conceived as a simple registration and timing tool sold to organizers of small- to medium-sized events (those with less than 250 participants.) Today, Good Times is a complete solution for events of all sizes, even races with thousands of participants. While maintaining its simplicity, Good Times has evolved into a robust, turnkey registration and timing solution supporting advanced features such as RFID (Chip) timing, results kiosks, data import/export, multi-computer and multi-role networking, and much more.

Our Location

Headquartered in beautiful Missoula, Montana, Good Times Software is sold worldwide. Our mission is to make registration, timing, and reporting a simple endeavor for Event Directors and timing companies around the world. We want you to be successful!

  • Client Testimony

Combining ease of use with the flexibility to meet our results requirements, makes Good Times a great choice. With the addition of 3rd party registration platform integration, it's even better!

Matthew Smeltzer, Competitive Timing

Matthew SmeltzerFounder & Partner - Competitive Timing