Monthly Archives: February 2015

Here we go again! Race Timing Software’s busy season

It’s February 9th, and the busy season is upon us.  Yes, it certainly does seem early but this is the time of year when event directors, planners, and timers begin their biggest tasks of organizing a fun and busy summer full of races.  For race timing software providers like Good Times Software, that means we’re busy: making sure our customers are updated, trained, prepped, and ready to go.

It also means we take time to put finishing touches on any significant updates and software releases deemed essential to our customers.  I’m proud to announce that since Good Times Version 4.0 was released a few weeks ago, we’ve had nothing but positive feedback.  We’re still cranking away on a few items in demand and will hopefully have them out over the next couple of months.  And as always, that makes me extra excited—it’s good to see the registration and timing software that is Good Times evolve and continue to get better and better.

Also coming up is our Winter 2015 promotion.  Details are forthcoming, but if last year’s Winter promotion was any indicator I’m hoping to make an even better impact for prospective customers this year.

Please take a moment to “like” us on Facebook, and make sure you visit some of our how-to videos on our YouTube Channel.  These videos are great ways to see first-hand how Good Times works.  But they aren’t as great as participating in one of our live webinars.  Contact Us, and tell us you’d like to do that—we’ll get you registered right away!  Thanks for reading.