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More than once I’ve setup for a race only to be hammered by sunlight or rain.  Weather may not be that big of a deal for hardcore runners, but it can definitely be a big deal for all of the equipment in use: laptops, a wireless router, printer, numerous power strips, etc.  It’s very important to protect all of these from the elements, so plan carefully.

I’ve seen many event directors provide suitable protection from rain, typically in the form of tents or canopies.  But one factor frequently neglected is the sunlight and the horrendous impact it can have on your event personnel.  (No, I’m not talking about exposure to sunlight that may lead to a great tan or worse, sunburn!)  Bright sunlight can cause terrible glares on computer screens and make them nearly impossible to see.  Whether it’s someone timing the race or someone else handling on-site race day registration, you can be sure they’ll loathe the computer screen affected by bright sunlight.  That will lead to delays and can negatively affect the success of your event.

When thinking about how to time a race or what race timing software to use, don’t forget to plan for the non-technical aspects, too.  Here are two types of commercial laptop shades, but I’ve see many DIY (do it yourself) kinds as well.

Laptop Shade

Laptop shade – Style 1

Laptop Shade

Laptop shade – Style 2

Please check out our YouTube Channel.  I’ve uploaded numerous How-To videos, as well as a video with some thoughts on planning.  And in the future, I’ll have more which speak to these topics directly.

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