Chip Timing: MYLAPS Sports Timing

Well this is exciting news!

Good Times v4.2 is in public beta, and proudly supports the MYLAPS bib tag system.  For quite some time we’ve only supported IPICO Sports RFID / Chip timing within Good Times; adding support for the MYLAPS Sports system gives our race timer customers even greater flexibility and choice.

For now, we’re only supporting the MYLAPS exporter files.  At some point I fully expect to support real-time (TCP/IP) connectivity to the MYLAPS Decoders and Toolkit software, and perhaps even support the use of Microsoft SQL Server-based exporter data.

Because we like to keep things simple to use in Good Times, setting up MYLAPS as the chip timing system for an event is extremely similar to setting up an event to use IPICO Sports.  Check out our YouTube channel for videos on how to use IPICO, and soon we’ll have videos showing how to use MYLAPS.  But the concept is the same: Setup the MYLAPS exporter files in System Preferences first.  Then, setup your event to use MYLAPS and select the appropriate exporter file for the timing purpose (starting line, finish line, split location, etc.)  Add any rules Good Times should use when processing the exporter file (like import ranges) and that’s it!  Then, when it’s time to time the race, Good Times will pull data from the appropriate exporter files and process results.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Also, please take a look at our YouTube Channel and our Facebook page.  Gotta love those likes!