Chip Timing and Registration

Hello again, readers, and I apologize for the delay.  I could make excuses like being sick, travel, and just overall busy.  But I’ll spare those details.

As many of you know, the ability to support RFID (chip) timing in timing software like Good Times is essential for larger races.  Our market has been races with a smaller number of participants, but with the introduction of our chip timing capabilities we’re hoping to expand that quite a bit.  And when you think about how to time a race, any race with a large number of participants will quickly convince  you to consider chip timing!

The last three use cases in development have focused on utilizing the IPICO Sports Registration Reader.  It’s a USB-connected device that transmits the Chip ID to whatever host software you’re communicating with.  Good Times uses the Registration Reader to capture a Chip ID and associate it with a participants racing bib.  For example, a participant wearing bib #123 will have a chip affixed to their shoe (or elsewhere.)  Good Times needs to know both of those things… the bib still allows Good Times to associate the participant with all of their data (name, date-of-birth, address, events for which they’re registered, etc.) and the Chip ID allows Good Times to find the bib.  The moral of the story?  Each chip must have its Chip ID captured into the Good Times software.

The Registration Reader is an easy way to accomplish capturing the Chip ID and associating it with a participants bib.  You can build up a “bib/chip cache” of dozens or hundreds of bibs, each with a Chip ID captured sequentially from the Registration Reader.  Alternatively, you can simply register a participant in real-time and have the Chip ID captured from the Registration Reader.

As we get closer to general release, we’ll publish videos on our YouTube Channel.  So stay tuned!

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