Foreign Language Support comes to Good Times

Hello, Guten Tag, Hola, and こんにちは!

On this fine day, we’ve released the race timing software Good Times Version 4.4 which now includes foreign language support.  What does that mean?  It’s simple: numbers, dates, times, and currencies can now be entered and then subsequently displayed in their native language format.  And that’s big news for our international customers!  (Thank you for your patience for this software release.)

We in America are so used to our way of doing things in race timing software and in other applications as well… writing numbers like “5,280 feet in a mile.”  And we write currency or money values like “Those shoes really cost $79.99?”  Our dates are even written with the month, the day, and the year as in 06/27/2015.  And here I sit at about 2:15pm writing this blog entry.  That’s the way the rest of the world writes these things, correct?


In fact, most of the rest of the world do things another way.  For example, in numbers they use a comma where we use a decimal.  For example, 5.230 is five thousand two hundred and thirty.  Additionally, 6,20 is six point two zero.  And, like our military friends, the rest of the world commonly uses the 24-hour clock and ditches the old AM/PM.  It’s now about 14:18 local time.

With this release of Good Times, we’re finally allowing our international users the ability to use numbers, currency values, and date/time values in their local language format.  Good Times uses whatever “Regional Settings” is setup in Microsoft Windows.  Regional Settings (accessible via the Control Panel) is what tells Windows what language to use, and therefore, the formats applicable for dates, times, currencies, numbers, etc.

We currently are not modifying Good Times to display text in multiple languages.  And honestly, that’s not high on our list of priorities yet.  Race Timing Software everywhere seems to be doing just fine with English as the primary language for display purposes.  Print = Print, First Name = First Name, and so forth.  So please don’t expect to see anything except English in all of our windows, informational messages, help documentation, etc.  Of course, if I had a volunteer to assist… 🙂  (Hint, hint)

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