Good Times Version 4.2 Released!

Good Times Version 4.2 has been released!

That’s great news for race timers who desire to use the MYLAPS Sports Timing interface.  With the addition of support for MYLAPS equipment, Good Times provides even more flexibility.

We already support the IPICO Sports chip timing system, and the way Good Times works with the MYLAPS equipment is very similar.  In fact, any of our customers who use the IPICO Sports interface will be comfortable getting the MYLAPS interface up and running.  The basic idea is this:

  1. Setup MYLAPS Exporter Files in System Preferences
  2. Configure your event  to use the MYLAPS chip timing interface
  3. Specify any processing rules (e.g. Import Ranges) for each Exporter File deployed at your various timing locations (Starting Line, Finish Line, Split Location, etc.)
  4. Time your event!

Good Times will automatically poll the MYLAPS Exporter Files in the same way it polls the IPICO Sports Elite Readers.  (Technically speaking, it’s not the same way, it’s quite different actually.  But to a user of our software, the behavior and utilization of the Time Entry window is essentially the same.)

Race timers, go have yourself some MYLAPS Sports Timing fun with Good Times!  Visit our YouTube Channel for more information, and like us on Good Times Software on Facebook, please.  Happy Timing!