Make Money Timing Races

How preposterous!  I mean, look at the title of this post: Make Money Timing Races.  Who would ever say such a thing, much less think it?!

Well, readers, it’s true.  You, too, can make money timing races.  It’s no secret that behind every good race is a competent and qualified person, people, or race timing company handling the registration and timing of the event.  In fact, timing a race properly is simply too much to worry about for most race directors, especially when they’re expecting a good turnout.  They need you, and if you ask them if they need you I can assure you they will say yes!

The very first race I was ever involved in paid very little attention to registration and timing.  Excel spreadsheets were king, and incompatible software laden with issues put the entire event at risk.  It took focus, luck, and pure will to make sure we could pull it off successfully.  And that was the last time I’d ever do it that way!  Soon thereafter, Good Times was born!

We’re proud to offer a Provider’s License for anyone interested in starting their own race timing company.  You can click here to learn more, but suffice it to say there is demand for timing companies who can provide professional service at a reasonable price for small- to medium-sized races.  That’s the market we serve here at Good Times Software, and it’s the market you can go after with our Provider’s License.

The sport of running continues to experience significant growth around the world.  Can you capitalize on that?  Sure you can!  Our Provider’s License allows you to get into the business at a very reasonable price, and does not burden you with royalties or fees for the events you will time.  This means you get to set your own prices, and keep your own profits.

You can learn more by visiting this page on our website, or just call us at (877) 244-5484.

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