New Version(s) Released

Good Times Software is pleased to announce the general release of Good Times version 4.0.  Version 4.0 offers a substantial number of product enhancements and features to make registration and timing more powerful and easier than ever before!

As mentioned in a previous post, we’ve also made available a “scaled down” version of the product suitable for smaller events where Computerized Select Timing is sufficient and RFID / Chip Timing is unnecessary.  In reality, it’s not scaled down that much; RFID / Chip Timing is disabled, along with the ability to use the Custom Output Designer.  And we’re offering it at a very reduced rate.  Please visit our Buy Now page for more information.

Many of the new features in version 4.0 are applicable to chip-timed events only.  The biggest of these is the support for chip-timed Split Locations.  For larger races, participants expect their split times!  And it’s not unusual to see a few split locations.  Good Times allows timing staff to easily define split locations (location, distance, type of split — either cumulative or segmented) and then setup timing equipment at each location.  When timing the race, Good Times will pull in times from those split locations just like it does for the starting line and finish line.

Another major enhancement that all our customers will appreciate is a completely overhauled Import and Export Wizard.  We no longer require import files to conform to the Good Times Standard .TXT format.  With Good Times version 4.0, custom files can be imported.  Users will enjoy a snazzy interface that loads up a sample of their input file, and allows them the ability to tell Good Times which fields are which (e.g., First Name is in column 3, Date-of-Birth is in column 10, etc.)

We’ve also added 146 more countries for international addresses, made some enhancements to how we support IPICO Sports’ Elite Readers, fixed a few bugs, and optimized other boring things that most of you probably wouldn’t find the least bit interesting!  Our customers received detailed Release Notes fully documenting all of the changes.  Would you like a copy of those Release Notes?  Then become a customer now!

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