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I’m writing from sunny Orlando, Florida, and what a great time of year to be down here!  I must say, though, the weather this particular week is rather cold for Florida.  I threw on a light jacket to take a walk outside and realized Florida is in the middle of a cold spell.  It only got up to a balmy 55 today.

As I thought carefully about my next blog post, which presumably would have something to do with timing a race, race timing software, or race registration, I soon realized I should digress and mention a very cool thing I participated in today.  Our company likes to host a community volunteer event every time we all get together.  Often this ends up being putting food bags together for a food bank, or assembling toys or furniture for the homeless–something like that.  Last year we put together thousands of little pre-packaged meals (MRE’s if you’re familiar with military lingo) which were shipped overseas for starving families.  This year we did more food bags, but for local children.

The story we were told beforehand informed us that many of the schools around the central Florida region had been reporting trends of children coming to school on Monday’s feeling ill with headaches, stomach aches, etc., and quite “out of it” mentally with focus and concentration issues.  The schools’ research also found a correlation between these cases and students who were on free- or reduced-lunch programs.  Further research identified that in many cases, the school lunch on Friday was quite often the last meal for these kids until school lunch on Monday.  I know there are many people in the world much worse off than the kids in these cases, but for some reason it really touched me.  We ended up making 5,500 meal bags, each containing enough food for a kid over a weekend.

So the point of this post is just to help communicate that today’s event really made an impact on me.  Do I want you to buy Good Times software?  Absolutely… but do I need it, or do I feel like it’s important relative to the horrendous problems that plague children and others even in our own country?  Absolutely not.  I like Good Times, and it pleases me when I see people having successful running events because of what I provide in the software, but nothing compares to meeting real and tangible needs.  If you’re spending time messing around with Good Times, or my website, videos, etc. and you could be helping someone out who has some real needs and hardships, please stop what you’re doing and go help them!

Today was a great day, and put a lot of things in perspective for me.  (Again!)

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