Race Day Madness!

Is race day stressful, busy, and overall just a crazy time?  Absolutely it is!  But it can be very rewarding, too, for all involved.  There’s a sort of thrill and sense of achievement that comes with seeing the results of your hard work lead to a successful event.

Timing a race, especially a larger one, is no trivial task on race day.  Sure, you have Good Times software ready, everything is configured, and your event staff are trained.  But now you have to look at the logistics of the day itself: getting up early, setting up before anyone else arrives on-site, having everything ready, timing the race (you’ve made sure people know how to time a race by this point, right?!) and then tearing down.

Here is a typical schedule:

  • 4:30am – Wake up, shower
  • 5:15am – Leave for the venue
  • 5:45am – Arrive, unload equipment
  • 6:00am – Setup power generators, cabling
  • 6:15am – Setup network router
  • 6:30am – Boot up all computers, test connectivity, setup printer
  • 6:50am – Ensure proper signage at registration area
  • 7:00am – Registration workers arrive
  • 7:10am – Last-minute questions from registration workers
  • 7:20am – Launch Good Times, confirm registration workers ready
  • 7:30am – Registration begins, be available to staff
  • 7:45am – Setup timing area at finish line
  • 8:15am – Briefing with timers to review plan
  • 8:40am – Cut-off registration, print Participants Report from Good Times
  • 8:50am – Briefing with starter, timers, person starting overhead clock
  • 8:55am – Last call to starting line
  • 8:59am – Thumbs up / visual from starter, timers, overhead clock
  • 9:00am – Race starts
  • 9:10am – Ensure timers are ready
  • 9:15am – Other staff to begin tearing down registration computers
  • 9:15am – Runners finishing, reports generated every five minutes
  • 9:30am – Prepare awards in Good Times
  • 10:00am – Awards ceremony
  • 10:30am – Tear down

Sounds so tidy and organized, right?  That’s a typical plan, however, it can definitely seem like madness.  Sometimes things don’t go according to schedule, people have a question, or something happens which makes you want to pull your hair out.  Whatever the case, timing a race is still fun!  It’s rewarding, and a great way to help people be healthy and experience the joys of running.

For more information about us or our race timing software, visit the Good Times Software website at GoodTimesSoftware.com, or visit our YouTube Channel.

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