Race Day Registration Woes

Laptop Quagmire

Laptop Quagmire

Hello Readers!  So that was the scene on my kitchen table last week as I prepped for a pro bono race held this past Saturday.  I’m not sure why I left the plant in the middle of the table; perhaps I felt it added some peace and tranquility to the quagmire of laptops.

The event offered Race Day Registration, hence the need for so many computers.  In addition to the participants who registered online ahead of time, we had about 150 people show up Saturday morning to register for the event.  Moving 150 people through a well-organized registration process doesn’t have to be all that difficult.  The problem is, well, we’re human.  And we don’t like to show up too early for something.  Moving 150 people through a well-organized registration process with only 30 or fewer minutes remaining to the start of the race is an entirely different proposition.

Thankfully, we were prepared with lots of computers and a good number of well-trained volunteers.  But the whole situation really begs the question: why not just offer online pre-registration?  More and more races are doing this, and some even penalize participants with high prices if they choose to forgo online pre-registration and show up for race day registration.  In fact, I know of one event where the cost was twice that of online pre-registration!

I don’t need to be an evangelist of conducting business online.  Millions and millions of people do this routinely on a day-to-day basis.  So how about it, folks?!  Let’s ban race day registration forever and usher in the modern era!  (Okay, cynicism cease!)

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