Race Timing: Be Reachable

Today, I received one of these via UPS:

lghbs730Necessary?  Sort of.  I mean, I didn’t have to get this particular type, nor even this particular brand and model.  Oh, what is it?  It’s an LG Tone+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset.  I’ve always liked the concept of hands-free phone operation, but have never found anything that meets my three requirements:

  1. Good stereo sound
  2. Good outgoing call quality
  3. Very very low geek-factor

In all fairness, not all Bluetooth headsets and ear-pieces look too geeky.  Manufacturers try to make some look elegant even.  But let’s face it, when I see people walking around with some chunk of plastic sticking out of one ear, it looks pretty geeky to me.  Now, call me a hypocrite because these do look geeky, too.  My only hope is that the “collar” generally stays hidden beneath my collar, and it looks like I’m just wearing earbuds.

This particular model is supposed to have one of the better outgoing call quality, which is very important to me.  I don’t want people to know I’m on a hands-free device, and not surprisingly the background noise commonly heard in lower-end Bluetooth devices always gives it away.

What does all of this have to do with Race Timing?  I’ll tell you: be reachable.  I mean, be very reachable.  Especially to the Event Director and volunteer staff.  And on race day, which can be rainy, windy, snowy, hectic, frantic, stressful, and just basically nerve wracking the last thing you need is to not hear your cell phone ring or have a low quality conversation.

How to time a race, race timing software, chip timing, and all of the fun things we do can quickly turn sour when you’re incommunicado because you’re not prepared with a decent way to talk with people.   Good luck!

(And, no, I do not plan on demonstrating these on our YouTube Channel.  I could be swayed, but you’d have to ask very nicely!)

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