Race Timing Software – Prices Just Got Better

Hello again, readers, and enthusiasts of everything that has to do with registration, timing, and organizing running events!

Good Times Software is pleased to announce a “lite” version of our flagship product intended to make the power and ease of use even more accessible to smaller events and organizations.  The standard version of Good Times now sells for a significantly reduced price (see our website page here) and includes all features and functionality required for using computerized select timing for events.  It does not have RFID / Chip timing capabilities.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, this is truly exciting news.  We admire the creativity and determination often seen by organizers of smaller events; making Good Times more price accessible will ultimately lead to more successful events.  That’s not marketing-speak, that is the fact of the matter.  I’ll personally see to it that our customers are equipped with the right knowledge and capability to use Good Times as a key ingredient to a successful event.

This news comes in conjunction with with more big news: the release of Good Times 4.0.  Due to be released in about another week, version 4.0 is a major release delivering more capability to help event directors succeed.  Stay tuned, and I’ll post another update when the release is available.

Happy New Year!

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