Race Timing Software, Timing a Race, and: Kiosk Heaven!

Readers, a ton of work has been put in to adding two new Kiosk Screens that were released as part of Good Times v3.5.2 last night.

First, an Events Results kiosk screen which shows either Overall or Age Group / Gender results for a selected event.  On-screen controls allow kiosk visitors to select the event, what view they wish to see, and whether they want to see results displayed by Gun Time or by Chip Time.  The other is a Personalized Results kiosk screen which shows individual results (gun time, chip time, placement overall, placement by gender, etc.) whenever the kiosk visitor enters their bib number.  Additionally, the Personalized Results kiosk can be configured to send those results to a label printer that can instantaneously generate a sticker for the runner.

Other things in 3.5.2…. a “custom output designer,” an advanced feature that allows an HTML report to be customized with Good Times output and then transferred to an FTP server; pace calculations; and an unlimited number of Age Brackets.  Other minor enhancements were made as well, and current customers will receive a copy of the Release Notes that go into more detail.

On a completely unrelated topic, I had to go by an additional flat screen monitor this week.  Craigslist is often a good choice, and I’ve spent (and made) lots of money over the years with them.  But for the first time, I actually received a nicely written “receipt” for my $79 purchase.  Here is the picture:

Craigslist Receipt

Craigslist Receipt

Pretty cool, ‘eh?  At first I thought it was a little strange, but then an admiration of the fellow grew within me, knowing that he probably runs a pretty tight ship in other areas of his life.  Granted, the admiration wasn’t enough to motivate me to start providing receipts like this, but nonetheless I ended up being impressed!

Gotta run… helping out this weekend at what was voted the Best Overall Marathon of 2010 by Runner’s World Magazine!

Visit our FREE Trial Download page to get a copy of Good Times Version 3.5.2, and check out our YouTube Channel for how-to videos.

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