Ready, Set, Go: Timing a race starts with planning!

Readers, I’ve been charged, tried, and convicted of being a planner.  But when timing a race, I’ve seen success skyrocket as a result of being a planner.  Go figure!

I’ve seen my fair share of races where a good strategy for registration and timing takes a back seat to nearly everything else.  Think about it: how good is the registration process online, and in person?  How smoothly run is the bib or packet pick-up?  How often do you see lines of people waiting for no reason other than a poorly designed flow through registration and T-shirt selection?  And what about races which fail to post result times as runners cross the finish line, or even on the same day for that matter?  And are times always accurate, or are they “slightly” off?

Let’s face it, all of these things deserve careful forethought and planning.  Participants often judge a race not by just how well they ran it, but by how well the organizers managed the event.  And I haven’t found any sponsors yet who are terribly pleased with doling out cash to an event that is simply, well, poorly executed.

Wow, this post seems like such a downer–my apologies!  I wish I could say Good Times Software is here to rescue every event planner, organizer, and timing staffer from the misfortunes of poorly planned events.  But alas, we’re simply a piece of the puzzle.  But I think we rock in the areas we focus upon!  Yes, I’m biased, but my customers have great things to say and that makes me proud.

I’d like to share an online webinar with each of you.  In fact, I’ll not only show you Good Times and how it can help with your registration and timing woes, but I’ll give you my best practices recommendations for any part of your event… we’re here to help!

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