Recent Registration and Timing Changes

With the release of Good Times 3.6, we saw some new (and very necessary!) changes introduced with the registration module.  The most important change is a significantly better way of handling international addresses.  Though our current customer base is primarily US-based, a number of races have international participants from all over the world.  Even recently, we’ve seen race participants from Canada, Chile, Belgium, and UK.

We’ve kept the change to accommodate international addresses as simple as possible in the user interface.  For manual registrations, an additional street address line has been added, as well as country.  The ZIP Code field has been more appropriately changed to Postal Code, and State to State / Province.  This alone should help capture the vast majority of the world’s different addressing schemes.

Importing registration data now permits the inclusion of the third street address line, as well as the country field.

In the participant registration window, as well as when importing data, if a US or Mexican State is detected, the country will default to US or Mexico as you’d expect.  If a Canadian Province is detected, the country will default to Canada.

In the upcoming 3.7 release, age bracket configurations now include a “Display As” field, which is auto-populated but can be changed to anything you like.  This is mostly a cosmetic change so certain age brackets can appear with a meaningful name; for instance, instead of 40 and over, an event director may wish it to be displayed as “Master’s.”

Divisions are also being introduced, so participants can be registered to either the default (“Open”) division for an event, or a specific division established and defined when the Event Profile is setup in Good Times.  Divisions will have a name, and can really mean anything.  Some divisions are age-related (though you can–and should–use age brackets for that) and I’ve seen some which are weight-related.  Right now, we’re not planning on asking for people’s weight if you register them to a division based upon weight!

Watch for videos on our YouTube Channel that demonstrate these new features, and as always we invite you to check out our Facebook page, too.  Are you interested in a live web presentation, demonstrating Good Times to you or your race committee?  Then please contact us.  We’ll be happy to do that!

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