RFID Chip Timing – Nearing Completion

Hello Readers…

Today is an exciting day!  Our development team has completed the “Alpha” release of Good Times software’s RFID Chip Timing interface.  An alpha release is essentially the point in time when coding is complete, and the software is ready to be tested in the wild, albeit at very limited scale.

It’s exciting because when considering race timing and how to time a race, chip timing is necessary for larger races.  And Good Times’ power, simplicity, and ease of use is something seriously missing in the larger race market where timing software is complex and archaic.  So our introduction of our chip timing capabilities is going to be truly remarkable.

Live testing with quite a few upcoming races is already scheduled.  The next one is one week from tomorrow!  I’m not sure I’ll have any videos on our YouTube channel, but I may.  Make sure you check just in case!   And if you haven’t browsed the rest of our site, take some time to do that now.  And you can find us on Facebook, too.

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