Splits can be painful!

Chewbacca doing the splits.

Chewbacca doing the splits.

Seriously, readers, if I were to do the splits you’d have to bend my legs manually and force them into position l like poor Chewbacca in the picture above.  (Star Wars did not grant me permission to use Chewbacca in my post.)  Besides the pain, I just might be permanently contorted if I were somehow able to get into the splits.  I’m pretty flexible, too, moreso than the average person I believe.  But not down there in those nether regions.

My customers often laud Good Times Software for being flexible, too, in addition to easy to use.  But we’ve known for far too long that Good Times needs to be able to do the splits (the other kind of splits, not what Chewbacca is doing!)  And it just hasn’t been up to the task.  Well that’s about to change!  Our next major release will provide the ability to time splits for RFID (chip) timed events.

It would be great if splits were easy to handle in software, but frankly it’s going to be a bit of a pain.  The concept is straightforward enough: allow for an unlimited number of timing spots along the course of an event to be treated as a “split” time.  Each split will need to be defined (is it a 1 mile split, a 5 mile split, etc.) and then printed on results reports, personalized results stickers from the kiosk, etc.  But in practice it’s hard to accommodate for some of the complexities.  For example, what if the split is “shared” along a loop-style course?  In other words, the first time a participant crosses the split treat it as a 1 mile split, but the second time they cross it treat it as a 5 mile split.  Or what if (heaven forbid) a participants drops their iPhone, crosses the split location, goes back to pick up their iPhone, and crosses it again?  Ahhhhhh… the challenges of writing software to accommodate for the unpredictable!

So stay tuned, readers, and I’ll make sure and post again with an update on our progress.   This is a must-have type of capability especially for supporting the larger and more professional running events.

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