Spring Training

Well, time for Spring Training.  I’m not talking about the baseball scene, but the wonderful world of running!  And, readers, it’s still mighty cold here in the tundra better known as Montana (not to mention it’s not quite spring yet anyway.)

As evidence in the up-tick of Good Times Software FREE Trial downloads, event planners and timers must be prepping, too.  Which makes perfect sense: spring and summer is a huge ramp-up period for running races of all kinds.  With plenty of people thinking about how to time a race, it’s good to see them thinking about it now while there’s still time!

If you’re planning your event, check out Good Times Software on YouTube.  You’ll find plenty of “how-to” videos, demonstrating everything from setting up events, to registering participants, to timing events, displaying results, and giving awards!  I’ll be adding more videos soon, and when we release our RFID (Chip) Timing capabilities into the core software I’ll certainly be demonstrating that on YouTube.


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