Successful Race Timing, Successful Events…

Readers, do you know what makes for a successful event?  It’s the people!  I had the pleasure of providing services to a race this morning in a small Montana town; the people made it successful.

Arriving at 4:30am and finding volunteers who arrived early (as if 4:30am isn’t early enough already!) and anxious to work is so incredibly nice.  And not only that, they were hard-working, smart-working, and anxious to do whatever it took to help make the event successful.  And though it wasn’t a very large event, it was indeed successful: fun, enjoyable for the participants, enjoyable for the workers, accurate timing, smooth registration, great weather… I could go on, but you get the point!

As I think about race timing software, how to time a race, and the many things which make Good Times Software successful, I must not forget that it’s the people that make the events successful!

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