Timing a race certainly has its advantages!

Today I had the fortunate experience of helping the owner of a chip timing company time a race in the remote wilderness.  Well, not all that remote I suppose.  After all, I’m sitting here on a laptop with Internet connectivity writing this post!

But I am about an hour away from civilization, amongst only the cool mountain breeze, a few (but surprisingly cooperative) insects, and acres and acres of high-altitude mountaintop scenery. What can be better than this?

Though I must admit my mind has been far from the technical details of race timing software, it has occasionally pondered the necessity of software that must be reliable, accurate, and able to run all day.  Literally!  I’ve been here for eleven hours (it’s a 100-mile mountain bike race) with about two more to go.

Back to work, readers, I hope you’re having as fun of a day as I am, even if you can’t enjoy the mountains quite like this!  (It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.)


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