Timing a race and posting results

Well good Spring afternoon readers!

Let me pose a question to the runners in the crowd: How do you like to receive your race results?  Seriously, think about that a moment.  Race timers are always thinking about the best ways to time a race, keeping costs low and accuracy high.  But what about you, the runner?  Besides accurate results and a great overall race, how do you prefer to receive your race results?

Here are some options:

  1. Watch the overhead clock as you run by the finish line
  2. Look at printed reports posted on a nearby telephone pole
  3. Look at a computer-based kiosk
  4. Receive stickers with personalized race results
  5. Receive a text message on your mobile device
  6. Wait until you get home to look at a website

I’m interested in knowing because let’s face it, your results are important to you (at least the competitive runner!) and getting them shouldn’t be a grueling experience for you.  But the best way?  I’m simply not sure.  Personally, I’d love to send a text message to you.  I could easily communicate your gun finish and chip finish time, and even your rank overall and within age bracket.  But I only see a small percentage of runners crossing the finish line with their phones.  A growing percentage, yes, but is it really a viable option?  And I’d have to collect your phone number during registration, of course.

So let me know.  Feel free to use the blog post ‘comment’ feature to provide feedback.

Or if you prefer, you can message me on our facebook page, or even our YouTube channel.

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