Timing a Race in the Rain

Well I should certainly practice was I preach blog, right?  Here is the post from January that I spoke of protecting your computer equipment from the elements.

Today, while timing a race, I had my Macbook Pro sitting under a tent, safe from the rain.  Yes, readers, it was safe from the rain.  It wasn’t, however, safe from the water which decided to drip off the side of the tent and somehow make it’s way onto the mouse/trackpad.

Computers and water generally don’t mix too well, I knew that.  But I did not know a few little droplets could seep under the cracks of my trackpad and cause havoc in the middle of a race!  Thankfully this was a longer race that had just started, hopefully giving me enough time to do something.  Because at that moment, my computer was useless.  The mouse was extremely erratic, and not only was it moving the mouse pointer around, it was also causing mouseclicks to occur.  I could control nothing.

I was able to take my Macbook into my rig and stick it on the floor while the heater was running.  About 10 minutes later, things got better, and eventually I was able to get back out, re-start the timer, use some of Advanced Event Settings capabilities I added into Good Times Version 3.4, and continue processing results.  It’s always great to see some of the fail-safe mechanisms do what they’re supposed to do.

Now if only I had gotten one of those protective covers for my computer mentioned in that blog post, none of this would have happened.  Timing a race can certainly be adventurous!  Take warning readers, when thinking about how to time a race, make sure you account for the unexpected.

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