Upcoming Features in Good Times Race Timing Software

Readers…before I get started, allow me to explain visually the recent delay in blog posts:



There, that should do it.  Now you know why I haven’t posted for awhile!  It’s rough, having to travel to Florida and spend time on a beach.  Oh well, someone has to do it.

This will be a brief post, but I just wanted to share a couple of the things next on the slate for release within Good Times.  First, is the ability to support Teams.  When considering how to time a race, one must also consider how to score teams.  A few different basic team scoring rules exist, and then even a couple of those have different nuances.  Like most of our new updates, we’ll probably role this out iteratively supporting the basic functionality first and then more advanced functionality thereafter.  For now, you can anticipate that during registration (either by importing a batch file of pre-registered participants, or via manual race-day registration) you’ll be able to specify a team assignment for each participant.  That also implies that an Event Profile will need to provide a way to setup team names, and team scoring methodology for the event.  We’ll also deliver results reports with team information.

Another update is to the IPICO Sports chip timing interface.  We currently lack the ability to setup an unlimited number of splits.  Splits are important in timing a race, so we know we have to provide this.  Some of the larger races have numerous splits.  Splits can be complicated though, especially when split locations are shared more than once on the same track.  This can frequently be the case during track and cross country events that are setup in a loop configuration with runners crossing the same split at the one mile mark, two mile mark, etc.  The complexity lies in the fact that you can’t just pull a single chip time for a participant when they cross that split; you have to determine which of potentially multiple occurrences of a chip time you have for any given runner, and then correlate that to the proper split location.

So stay tuned, and as always you can expect more great things to come in Good Times!  Please visit us on Facebook, or see our YouTube Channel for many videos.

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