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Good Times was developed with ease of use as our number one priority. How did we do it? Simple—we listened to our focus groups, race organizers, and race timers (additionally, we timed quite a few races ourselves!) We knew there had to be a better way, and an intuitive user interface would help us be successful. Now, fast-forward eight years...

The screenshots you see above illustrate the ease of use our customers deserve and appreciate. Quite often we find ourselves in situations where volunteer staff require little or no training to accomplish their tasks in Good Times. It can be that simple, and we encourage you to download our FREE Trial today and find out for yourself.

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  • Client Testimony

Good Times Software's customer support and ease of timing is great. We have used Good Times for three years and several different events and it works well timing multiple races at one time. Thanks for your help whenever I call, even if it is early in the morning!

Patrick Browne

Patrick BrowneGood Times Software Premier Support Client since 2014