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Computerized Select Timing, and RFID Chip Timing Good Times is proven for all sizes of races; read more below.

Good Times handles registration timing reporting import/export kiosks for races.

We make life easier for race organizers—and we're proud of that. Providing a simple and powerful solution that eliminates the stresses associated with registration and timing is what we do best.

Select Timing

Computerized select timing, that is! Intended for small races of less than about 150 people. No more stopwatches, spreadsheets, and delayed results!

RFID Chip Timing

Designed for medium and large races up to thousands of participants.

Results Kiosks

Easily accessible kiosks display event results immediately, and provide stickers with personalized results to participants.

Data Import/Export

The Import/Export Wizard provides easy and powerful means to exchange information with other products or services.

Ease of Use

The Good Times user interface will reduce volunteers' learning curve and training requirements.

Customer Support

Two customer support packages give race timers the flexibility they need, and the safety net they want—even on race day!

Race Timers:

If you're a volunteer responsible for timing a small race, or you're a timing service provider timing races every weekend, Good Times Software is the solution for you.

In fact, Good Times Software was conceived from the very notion that registration and timing shouldn't have to be a complex part of organizing a race. The very nature of registration and timing can often overwhelm race directors and timing service providers, so it's imperative to have a solution in place that is both easy and effective. Sign up for a Product Demonstration below, and let us show you how we work our magic!