Features of Good Times Race Timing

  • With Good Times, race timers have the flexibility for using Computerized Select Timing for small events, or RFID Chip Timing for large events
  • Timing a race demands accurate results. We've made great strides to ensure Good Times provides highly-accurate timing for events of all sizes
  • For RFID Chip Timing, race timers setup and plan their timing strategy ahead of time, so that timing a race in Good Times is mostly a hands-off experience
  • For Computerized Select Timing, race timers are given flexible ways to capture all finisher times even during moments of high runner density at the finish line

All too often we witness race timers at small races struggling to collect bibs, keep them in sequential order, and somehow match up those bibs with printouts from handheld timing devices. Worse, some timers simply use stopwatches while a volunteer records names and times on a piece of paper!

Using Good Times revolutionizes how small race timers time their events. Since participant information is already in Good Times, race timers need only to record participant bib numbers as they cross the finish line—and results are then immediately available without any further effort. And there's no need to worry about capturing all of the bib numbers if runner density is too high at the finish line. Good Times keeps track of the sequence of runners and a timer can go back and fill in missing bib numbers later.

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RFID Chip Timing, available in the Professional Version of our software, provides a great deal of power for timing large events. We support the IPICO Sports Elite Reader and MYLAPS Sports Timing RFID chip timing interfaces.

The Good Times Bib/Chip Cache is a repository of participant bib numbers and associated chip tag ID's stored directly in Good Times. The Bib/Chip Cache can be easily imported from another file or spreadsheet, or setup manually. As runners cross timing mat antennas, the signal from the chip tag records a time which Good Times then uses to cross-reference participant information using the Bib/Chip Cache. Results are available immediately, and all of this happens with little or no interaction required from the race timer.

Visit our YouTube Channel to see how this works.

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